Welcome to the web page of Ciklámen Wood houses!

The wooden houses are 5 km away from Sopron in the Brennberg valley, right at the Rák (Crab)- stream. The wooden houses are suitable to accommodate up to 60 people. A house is ideal for 5 - 10 persons in a relaxing environment. Ideal activities include hiking, trekking and sports in the nature, biking or high-school trips.

The environment is excellent for nature loving people. If anyone would like to escape the metropolitan turmoil, the place is ideal. It is not by accident that the site has been declared as a Natura 2000 protected area.

A typical house is equipped as follows:
  • on the first floor there are three bedrooms for 4-2-2 persons;
  • ground floor is a living room with two beds;
  • kitchenette with fridge, kitchen tools can be rented;
  • bathroom, shower;
  • toilette;
  • the building is heated by electrical means provided in the heating season on demand.
Open: seasonal (10. April - 30. September)
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